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1. Tuition paid for a class is not refundable. Any refunds are at the discretion of management and will be assessed a $50 cancellation fee. Tuition not refunded can be credited towards any other class or service provided by Power Training. Substitutes will be accepted.

2. All courses are subject to change without notice. If a student is enrolled in a course, the school will notify student of any cancellation no less than 24 hours prior to class via email and a follow up phone call. It is the student's responsibility to plan accordingly, including any pre-licensing and/or continuing education requirements, or travel plans.

3. School will not be held responsible for travel expenses incurred due to a class cancellation or postponement. Tuition received for a class that is cancelled will be fully refunded upon request of a borrower.

4. Per the NMLS rules, the School cannot certify a participant for credit unless the student attends all sessions of the course. No partial credit can be given.

5. Student is responsible for providing the School with the proper NMLS individual number if hours are to be banked. This number should be provided upon enrollment in class.

6. Student understands that the school will bank hours within 7 calendar days of class and that certificates will be distributed at class end or emailed.

7. Student agrees to only take breaks and lunch at designated times and to return from breaks and lunch on time. Late arrival from breaks or lunch will jeopardize the students ability to complete required number of hours and could be subject to class forfeiture. Should the student have "special circumstances" they must be discussed in advanced with the school.

8. If student is missing time, no make up or written work can be allowed for course credit. Only live attendance in each session counts toward credit.

9. A student that leaves the class before credit hours are completed, due to an emergency or for any other reason, will be allowed to re-take the class when it comes available. Student agrees to pay for new materials should they change, otherwise student agrees to bring material previously provided.

10. A student who pays for a class but cannot attend, can either take the class when offered again or have materials sent to them via regular mail for an additional charge of $10. No refunds will be given for a class that a student pays for but does not attend.

11. All cellular phones, pagers, PDA's, computers, etc... will be turned to silent for the duration of class.

12. There will be no chewing of tobacco in the classroom and all hats be removed upon entering the classroom.

13. Classrooms may be audio or video monitored by the School for educational and training purposes. Attendees / Students are not authorized to record any portions of this course, and agree not to take pictures, video or record any portion of this course.

14. Student understands the School may withhold certificates/credit until payment has been received and verified.

15. Student understands that the school will require a copy of a valid driver's license or proper form of identification to meet NMLS requirements, or a payment verification process.

16. CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION: Authorization hold is the practice within the banking industry of authorizing electronic transactions done with a debit card or credit card and holding this balance as unavailable either until the merchant clears the transaction (also called settlement), or the hold 'falls off'. In the case of debit cards, authorization holds can fall off the account (thus rendering the balance available again) anywhere from 1-5 days after the transaction date depending on the bank's policy; in the case of credit cards, holds may last as long as 30 days, depending on the user's issuing bank. Power Training is not responsible for overdrafts or over limit fees that may occur during this hold period as your bank determines the timeframe the hold is authorized. Please contact your bank or credit card company to release any hold on your account.

Click here to view the NMLS Rules of Conduct.

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