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Power Training has the diversity necessary in today's lending and compliance environment to be your go to solution for all your state and federal compliance mandates.

Power Training is your education resource for day to day training and for SAFE Act required continuing education.

SAFE Act Required Renewal Education

Power Training writes new material each year to renew your State Mortgage Originator License. You never take the same class twice from us!

Power Training can also offer online renewal for your SAFE Act required continuing education.

If you prefer, Power Training can provide private classes for companies that have 15 attendees or more. Cost is per student and all expenses are covered through tuition.

On-Site Training/Consulting

Austin and Surrounding Area (within 35 mile radius)

  • Beginning at $125 per hour 4 hour minimum -student maximum/minimums may apply.
  • Meal per diem of $35 per day when over 4 hours
  • Printed material charges will be assessed as necessary.

Outside Austin (over 35 mile radius)

  • Beginning at $125 per hour 8 hour minimum - maximum student count to be determined
  • Round trip mileage @ 57 cents per mile or airfare to destination
  • Hotel Accommodations at an agreed rate for the area
  • Meal per diem of $35 per day
  • Printed material charges will be assessed as necessary.

Customized Manuals

Policies and Procedures / Master Plan - Customized $2,500.


  • Master Plan
  • Anti-Money Laundering/Customer Identification Program
  • Red Flag Policy

Policy Additions $250 each

  • Human Resources - Basics
  • Social Media Policy

State Audit Preparation $750

Don't wait until you receive your letter from the State of Texas that you're being audited to call. Are you ready for your next audit? If you were audited 18 - 24 months ago, you are probably going to receive a notice of audit this year. Your Regulator is required to audit you every 15 - 24 months unless other reasons compel an early audit.

Prepare yourself and your staff so you are ready with the information and documents they will ask you for.

Power Training offers a mini-review for this audit to set you on a path to success or, help you change procedures to meet the latest compliance guidelines and regulations. The audit will take approximately 4 hours and will cover:

  • Completion of Company Checklist;
  • Audit of loans, originated, withdrawn, approved, in process;
  • Review of office procedures for taking applications, processing applications and closing procedures;
  • Review of pre-funding procedures and discussion of Quality Control audits performed by an outside party;
  • Onsite discussion of audit results.

Additional Services

Website Compliance Review $125

Advertising / Business Card Review $125

State and SAFE Act Required Reports and Statements

Call Report Completion - NMLS will no longer allow you to renew your company NMLS number without the proper filing of this report. Additionally, depending on your State, you may also be fined a penalty for filing late. Call reports are due within 45 days for the end of each quarter.

Financial Statement Filing - the financial statement is required within 45 days at the end of each year, fiscal or calendar.

Mortgage Transaction Log - not the same as your Call Report. Must be kept on an ongoing basis. Certain items are required.

Thank you Juliana!! And ALL TEXAS LOAN OFFICERS should know that Juliana Brock provides the BEST required, yearly Continuing Education Courses, to keep licensed mortgage professionals on top of things and compliant!! I even fly back to Dallas, just to take HER courses, even though I can accomplish them online, etc. She is the BEST and she makes CE FUN!!!

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